Apex Legends Alternating scrims

Start Date : Ongoing
Duration :
Prize Pool : N/A
Team Entry : Free


Katana’s Trio’s & Duo’s Scrim’s Will be alternating every Monday, Both Scrim’s will be ran on a fortnightly basis, Meaning Every Monday Either a Duo’s OR a Trio’s Scrim will be Available

Register over on https://www.challengermode.com/s/KatanaGamingLTD

  • Map Rotation’s Trio’s: Game 1 & 2 – Storm Point Game 3 & 4 – World’s Edge
  • Map Rotation’s Duo’s: Game 1 & 2 – kings canyon Game 3 & 4 – World’s Edge
  • Free Entry
  • No Prize Pool unless stated otherwise

You will need a pre-made Duo/Trio in able to confirm your team’s Participation, If you Do Not have a Team/Partner to play with then feel free to join our amazing community Discord where I’m sure you’ll find someone to play with in No time : https://discord.gg/QAcGQ4AkG9

Please Note:

  • Player’s are Liable for their own connection’s
  • All Scrim’s will be ran on EU London server

General Apex Legends events rulebook https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VPG_GpvvehDKvhCjynvWs9owH_xGpQ9sdV8fDK3YtZM/edit?usp=sharing

Any question’s or queries join our Discord: https://discord.gg/QAcGQ4AkG9

Support / Rules / Sign
Please join our Discord : http://discord.gg/katanagaming